Etude des cas


1.Using motivation in the acquisition of foreign languages the case of Burundian schools

2.Using lessons from Rwandan genocide on tackling and preventing any other kind of genocide in Great Lakes region

3.The use of Transactional Analysis in Ngozi college

4.Students’ difficulties of choosing a career path in an institution without career guidance

5.Role playing and Simulation in Higher Education to Develop Student Autonomy and Motivation The Case of the Programming Course in the Computer Science Department

6.Involving learners in classroom meetings in order to prevent conflicts

7.Integrating drama through the curriculum for fostering a good assimilation

8.How to use awareness training in large classes by fostering students to know one another

9.How to teach a course of 18 chapters in 30hours

10.How can teachers alleviate the fears and the anxieties of the students when teaching mathematics

11.How assertiveness can be used in class to resolving problems

12.Explaining to a peer about what is really the profession of being a teacher

13.Empowering pygmy community through communication

14.Can the punishment be one of the ways of fostering good behavior in schools 2


1. Quick reply and reactions can engender misunderstanding, hence conflicts of any sort

2. One cannot have a chance of being able to influence the other unless he is first able to control hisher own natural reactions and emotions

3. Involving students in exploring complex issues can enhance their success

4. Empathy rather than punishment can help teachers and learners reinforce positive classroom climate

5. Deliberately denying a mistake can bring about conflicts in a society

6. Attention, power, revenge, and helplessness can impact on learning process success.

7. Aggressive, assertive and submissive responses are nothing but the source of recurrent conflicts

8. “Staying with the soft spot and staying with the tender heart can help cultivate the seeds of peace.”

9. “Knowing no other way to react when a need is frustrated and a serious difference arises can sometimes lead people to fight.”

10. “Everyone who teaches has had good days and bad, better classes and some you’d rather forget.”

11. “Choosing freely and from alternatives after weighing consequences can help enhance values clarification.”

12. “Basic criteria applicable to assess performers are key to effective teaching.”

13. “An Experienced teacher can offer advice and encouragement and constitute a source of students’ success.”

14.Transactional Analysis can take the lead in addressing rather complex issues


1. Before you begin on the journey of revenge, dig two graves

2. Experience is the best teacher k 8

3. Helping students to learn the past to better understand the present and shape the

4. How can political decisions become a threat to Education

5. Learning from mistakes

6. Preparing students to become leaders of opinions..

7.Safeguarding burundi’s aquatic resources

8.Taboo as a hindrance to Education and Development in Burundi

9. The strongest people are not always the people who win but the people who don’t give up when they lose

10. The Universities of Burundi standoff between students and the government

11. When awareness training helps poor farmers join efforts to increase Production and reduce land conflicts

12.When time brings a solution to problems